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subtask A

The work plan for subtask A shall be carried out under the lead of France, represented by Andreas Koch, EiFER Karlsruhe (European Institute of Energy Research).


It is the objective of subtask A to provide a review of the state-of-the-art of planning methods and existing tools and models for urban energy planning and the relevant instruments for implementation, which are presently used by or available for local administrations and developers in the participating countries.


The main items of subtask A:

(1) Successful examples for community energy planning projects (methods, planning principles and implementation strategies);

(2)  Review of data acquisition methods and monitoring tools for municipal energy and GHG balances;

(3)  Review of state-of-the-art urban or local energy system modeling and simulation tools and their combination with conventional planning tools (design of energy supply systems, demand calculation, use of GIS systems etc.);

(4)  Description of legal framework for urban energy and climate change policies;

(5)  Comparison and evaluation of approaches in participating countries;

(6)  Evaluation of building related sustainability assessments made in former IEA Annexes / Tasks with respect to their transferability to community level.


Abbildung Zuordnung Subtask

Scheme of case study assignment to subtasks according to context and working phase