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subtask B

The work plan for subtask B shall be carried out under the lead of Sweden, represented by Prof. Bahram Moshfegh, University of Linköping.

Subject of subtask B will be either district refurbishment projects, new settlements or a mixture of both. Contrary to subtask A, case studies to be considered in subtask B shall be energy planning projects, which either are to be started in 2009 (and will be completed during Annex 51) or just have been completed. In both cases, technical or methodical innovations shall be subject of planning and implementation.

The main items of subtask B:

(1) Integrated long-term concepts for energy efficient neighbourhoods, city blocks or quarters;

(2) Planning and development of new "green" settlements.

The key issues in subtask B are the planning and implementation of local energy projects (effiency, conservation, renewables) and an evaluation of the experiences made thereby, concerning objectives, results and methods used, technical and non-technical framework such as organization or implementation processes and lessons learned for further activities.

Abbildung Zuordnung Subtask

Scheme of case study assignment to subtasks according to context and working phase