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subtask C

The work plan for subtask C shall be carried out under the lead of the Netherlands, represented by Prof. Jacques Kimman, Hogeschool Zuyd (Heerlen).

In contrast to the case studies of subtask B, case studies in subtask C can only describe methods for holistic long-term energy planning for towns/cities and the approach to launch the necessary transition process for the different fields that are affected by the implementation strategy.

The case studies within subtask C shall illustrate how these issues are tackled at present.

The main items of subtask C:

(1) Methods for a realistic estimate of the energy demand and consumption and the energy performance of the existing energy systems of whole towns/cities that are applied within the case studies;

(2) Methods and tools to derive the best combination of measures that will enable the town/city to achieve its long term energy targets;

(3) Tools for a continuous recording of energy and CO2 balances on the city scale;

(4) Methods and instruments usable to support urban decision makers in developing and implementing effective long-term energy strategies for the community.

The achieved results will be summarized to provide a “textbook” on municipal energy planning.

Abbildung Zuordnung Subtask

Scheme of case study assignment to subtasks according to context and working phase